Best Payout Casino Games in AU

When it comes to slot machines, live casinos offer much better odds. They allow players to interact directly with human dealers and give them access to high-quality games and the highest payouts possible. In addition, some sites also offer other types of casino games such as roulette or blackjack, making it easier for players to play multiple games at once. Here is an article with some of the best online casino australia  payout casino games.

Online Slots 

There are several great online slots that you can play in Australia. Since gambling is illegal here there are no land-based slots available so all Australian gamblers have to do is log on to an international website and they will be able to enjoy playing real money slots directly from their PC’s. The best way to earn free credits when playing slots online is through using the bonus codes that come with each new sign up.

 For example, if your player account balance starts at $5 then you might get 5 free spins just by signing up. The more active you are on the site, the more points you accumulate and the higher level bonuses you receive. Just keep playing and collecting points until you reach a point where you feel comfortable enough using your funds to gamble. If you are not sure how to win real cash prizes this method is highly recommended.

Best Payout Blackjack

Blackjack has always been one of the most popular games played in land-based casinos and even today people love to play it at online casinos. It provides players with incredible excitement along with a good return on their investment. You cannot lose if you use strategy but you still need to make smart decisions. When playing Jacks or Better, beginners should try to stay under 21. This will help you to keep your hand range reasonable and limit the number of hands that may cause problems later on. As soon as your cards go above 21 then you start getting into riskier territory.

The best blackjack game for Australians is usually double down which is why we suggest this one. Double down allows players to double their bet after receiving their first 2 cards resulting in a total bet that could potentially exceed $300. Even though this is considered low variance than traditional blackjack, this option allows for greater opportunities to win big and thus makes it a bit more exciting.

Best Payout Roulette

Roulette is one of those classic games that everybody knows about. Online roulette games are similar to ones found at land-based casinos. The only difference is that you don’t see anyone operating these games. Instead, the games themselves are managed by a computer system. The wheels spin continuously and when the ball lands on a specific color, the numbers are displayed on a screen allowing players to place bets.

Australian players love playing roulette because unlike American Roulette it offers equal chances of winning for both players. To ensure that you take advantage of this feature, try to avoid placing bets outside the single zero line. Once you hit the zero line you will find yourself having less room for error. However, you must remember that the house edge still applies to mean that you cannot beat the game.

Best Payout Live Casino Games

Live Casino games offer players the chance to interact with other players and even chat with them. These types of games also allow you to participate in tournaments and competitions. You also have access to special features like progressive jackpots. One thing to note, however, is that live casino games require additional security measures making them much harder to hack. Additionally, due to the nature of dealing with human beings, you will never know if someone is cheating on you. All in all, people prefer being able to talk to others while they are betting rather than staring at a screen.

Best Payout Video Poker

Video poker is another type of slot machine game that can be enjoyed online or offline. Players simply pick from one of five reels containing three symbols each. Each symbol represents different combinations. For example, if you chose the Joker card, you would have four possible outcomes: two pairs (Joker), pair and joker (straight flush) or three of a kind (Three of a Kind).

Video Poker games feature fixed odds payouts so there are no free bonuses available. In addition to that, new versions of video poker machines tend to come out every year giving players plenty of new slots that they can enjoy. Some of the newer video poker games include Wild West and Ultimate Texas Hold ‘Em. Both of these games give players the chance to experience online poker without leaving home.

In conclusion, these are some of the best payout games available at casino sites in AU.